Build Foundation

Build Foundation with Wehouse Expertise

Your home’s foundation is the most integral part of the construction. Surprisingly, it’s the only part we don’t see! To build a solid foundation, you must look into different factors affecting the structure.
You can build a foundation in either of the two ways. A deep or a shallow foundation can suit the home of your ideas.
Shallow foundations distribute the load peripherally at a shallow depth in the ground. Deep foundations go deeper and balance the entire house below the ground surface.

Wehouse builds a foundation in Chennai

Were you aware that building a foundation is one of the most challenging jobs? It acts as the hearthstone of your house and is fundamental in shaping its strength. It supports the entire structure and your dream over it!
Our architects at Wehouse will look into the type of soil and other site conditions before laying out a plan for you. We work together with structural designers to build the foundation properly.

Why is the foundation important?

The foundation distributes the load between the house and the soil. and it should be strong enough to withstand the weight of your house. Here is why the foundation is important -

  • It is integral to decide the level of the surface of your construction. Your substructure rests on the foundation
  • It maps the rest of the construction and creates a domino effect on other parts of the construction, if not made strong
  • Without a foundation, the load density over the earth can lead to catastrophic results while building a home

Layout of the Foundation

Wehouse spends a reasonable amount of time designing a foundation layout. Consequently, we work together with our team to mark the foundation. At this stage, we look out for possible errors and mitigate them at the earliest.

Excavate a Foundation

Eventually, we will get to lay the groundwork. We ensure we do not go too deep to unsafe excavation levels during construction. Else, it could lead to long-term repercussions and climatic aftermaths.

Building the Foundation

There are different ways to build a foundation in Chennai. In the load-bearing structure, we would place concrete over trenches. In the case of a column-beam frame foundation structure, footings like - pad footing and spread footing are constructed in the track.
Wehouse can help you determine the most appropriate construction method for you. It all depends on the locality of your choice and your plan.

Foundation Curing

If you didn’t know, laying a foundation does not end with pouring concrete. The foundation should be successfully cured as it tends to absorb more water initially. Slowly but steadily, the foundation will garner strength and absorb less water.
Our team will ensure that the house foundation is ready to bear the load of your home before going towards the next step.
Do you have more queries surrounding the foundation building? We are only a phone call away!