Per Sqft Construction Cost

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Is your budget for building your dream house worrying you? We understand that it is a long-term and huge commitment to make. You need to know that the money you are investing is going into the right hands. This is why Wehouse maintains a completely transparent work ethic.
Your home can be built within your budget comfortably and easily with Wehouse. We can help you calculate the per sqft construction cost. All you need to do is schedule a meeting with us.

Wehouse’s Construction Packages

Once you decide to have a meeting with us, you will be provided with an appropriate package deal. Don’t worry, this will be considerate of the said budget of your choice as well.
The cost of constructing a domestic building is influenced by many factors. If you are planning for more than one floor, your foundation, substructure, and superstructure will have to be designed in a way that carries the whole home's weight.

Factors that Influence the Per Sqft Construction Cost

● Get a soil test done. This will help determine how the foundation is laid and what materials are to be used.
● Footing is important for your foundation to have proper support. Slabs are rebars and similar materials need to be used for footing. The material of your choice will determine the cost per sqft. Likewise, the footing depth is also important.
● The height of the basement is a factor that can alter the cost of construction.
● Septic tank, the materials used for its construction, and other specifics are also important.
● While choosing bricks, you should be aware of the materials. The quality will help fluctuate rates considerably.
● Beams and columns need to be made according to the structural design of your home.
● The elevation of your home is perhaps the most important aspect of deciding the per sqft cost construction in Chennai. We advise you to decide the elevation and exterior architecture before beginning the construction.
● Electrical, sanitary, flooring, and painting supplies are the finishing touches to a home. While they may be more freely altered in quality than the building material like cement, steel, and bricks, their costs can also alter your budget.
● Price, quantity, and quality of the wood used, and other building materials are also significant.

How Wehouse Stands Out in Construction

We are an abode of expert architects, designers, and construction engineers. This means that your dream project is in safe hands. We consider every little factor before ensuring that we give you a fair per sqft construction cost. Our packages are extremely budget-friendly. At Wehouse, we look into every little aspect that influences the pre-construction phase, including setting an estimate.

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